How asking the right questions can increase auto insurance sales to inbound calling customers

Auto insurance, everyone knows they need it and everyone should have it. However, the type of coverage can vary depending on the person and their lifestyle. Auto insurance isn’t a one size fits all type of coverage, so how do you figure out what is the best fit for your inbound auto insurance caller? Besides making sure you are working with a quality lead source and using the right tools, start by asking questions, but not just any questions, start by asking the right questions. Here are five of my favorite “right questions” to get you started.

  1. Pricing

Price is often very important when people are making decisions, especially about something like auto insurance. However, price is not the only thing people look for when shopping for auto insurance, they also are looking for the type of coverage and what it can provide, in addition to the best price. To figure out what type of coverage they are looking for and what pricing works best, a good question could be;

  • Besides pricing what would be the next most important thing you are looking for with your auto insurance?

This keeps them thinking about pricing, but also lets you know the other aspects that are important to them for the price they are looking for.  

  1. Last experience

A previous experience with something could very well determine how people feel about their new experience. Meaning, a good first question could be;

  • How was your last claim experience? (If it was bad, a further question would be) Why and how would you have changed your last claim experience?

Also, asking why they are looking to switch, is an important question. It could, very well, have something to do with a previous experience, that you do not want to replicate.

  1. Life

Finding out how your inbound calling customers life will be very beneficial in determining what type of auto insurance they will need. Questions like;

  • Why did you buy the type of car you bought? What do you do for a living?
  • How far from your home do you work?
  • How many vehicles are in your household?

Any question that helps you learn about their auto lifestyle is a good one. Also, learning about their life, helps to build the relationship with your clients, which I have said before, is so important.

  1. Communication

Look, I’m talking about communication again, and as usual it is significant. A question you need to ask your customers is;

  • How do would you like me to communicate with you, for follow up and questions?

With so many ways to communicate in this day-and-age, not everyone is going to want a phone call. I personally prefer emails, some people might want text, others might want to use social media and yes, some will still prefer a phone call. Whatever they choose you need to be aware and use it. It will not only make your customer more comfortable, but easier for you to get the information you need, when you need it and keep them feeling like you care about their needs.

  1. Never ask close-ended questions

A close ended question is one where the answer is only a one word answer, often, yes or no. Questions like this do not start conversations, they also don’t provide information, these are not the right type of questions. Author, Marketer, and Public Speaker, Seth Godin, says “A question that avoids a 'no', a question that starts a conversation, a question that opens the door to emotion... those are the questions that and create value.” And value is what you are looking for when learning what your client needs for auto insurance.

As you can see the right questions make all the difference when it comes to auto insurance. I know there are probably 1000 other questions that could be asked. What are some of your favorites? Let us know if the comments.


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