Why offering insurance bundles is a great way to grow and increase your business

Posted by Britt Bertolucci Cao on Jul 21, 2017 6:57:51 PM

Your inbound calling customers are always going to be looking for the best insurance deal at the best price. And if they can find a home and auto insurance bundle for a good price that will make it even more enticing and bundles are a great way to grow and increase your business

Grow your Customer Base

Bundles entice customers to want to work with you. Customers love to save money and they love “one stop shopping.” In the long run, bundling will actually save your agency money as well. According to, it stands to reason that insures who have already put a client through the underwriting process for one policy, will find it less expensive to analyze them for another policy as opposed to a brand-new person who has yet to be assessed. When customers save money it can save you money.

Retain Customers

When your clients bundle it provides you with more of their business and retains their existing business. Owner of East Insurance Group,David Meltzer, says, “The more business a customer does with a company, the less likely they are to move to another. No one really enjoys talking to their insurance company or agent, so why deal with two or more of them? Besides, it's so much easier to have all of one's accounts in one place.” He also says by providing bundles and keeping customers, it saves on account turnover.

Have you had experience with bundles saving your agency money? Let us know in the comments.

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