Top 5 Tips for Millennials Looking for Life Insurance

Whether they’re still living with their parents while getting established, or looking forward to graduating from college and into the real world, becoming an adult is a shock to the system regardless of how prepared you think you are. Life insurance might be the last thing you even think about, or even on your radar. But here are five things you might not know about life insurance—that you probably should.

1. College debt may not go away. If someone co-signed on your student bank loan, the bank won’t discharge that debt upon your death the way that the federal government would with federal student loans. That means your parents, or co-signer, would be responsible for paying the full balance in the event something bad happens. Why burden them with the extra stress? A life insurance policy can help eliminate those costs to family members who might get stuck with your debt. The idea that we could die and someone we care about might suffer financially as a result is never something our minds naturally think through.

2. Life insurance is a form of protection. If you go online and search “life insurance” you’ll quickly come across ads telling you how cheap life insurance can be, without nearly enough information about what you need it for. Term, Whole, or Universal... it can all become confusing quickly without knowing a bit about the different types of Life insurance, and what might be the best fit for you. Life insurance provides a financial buffer for the people you care about in the event something happens to you. If you fall into this category, this next point is for you.

3.If you don’t know anything about life insurance, it’s probably best to do a bit of research. Use the internet to your advantage! You find the thing you need or want to learn about online, click a few buttons, and POOF... all the information you need arrives at your fingertips. But life insurance is a financial planning product, and while it can be as simple as a small term life policy for less than a cup of coffee each day (for real!), learning about your options with a bit of research will help you when it comes time to speak to an insurance professional. These agents can ensure that you get the right amount of coverage for the right amount of time and at a price that fits into your budget. And many people don’t know that an agent will sit down and help you out with no cost to you!

4. Don't rely on social media support in times of need! Recently, this phenomenon of thinking that turning to GoFundMe if things go wrong in life has taken over social media. But when your time of need comes, do you really want to spend time monitoring a social fundraising site? While possible, and recently seen can go very wrong, the chances of going viral are markedly slim, and social fundraising sites will take their cut, along with the IRS. On top of that, there is absolutely no guarantee you will get the money you need to cover your expenses.

5. The best time is now. Why wait until you're stuck in a bind to make sure you're covered? Your age and health are two of the biggest factors when getting a Life insurance policy. So instead of waiting until the last minute, adding stress to your life, give yourself some piece of mind by starting your search today. The key is taking that first step, and often times talking to an insurance professional who already insures your home or automobile may be the easiest first step.

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