Our Top 5 Ways to Generate Your Own Leads

As an Agent, you are always looking for the best way to find the next lead. Purchased leads are an easy way to go, but what about generating your own leads? Not sure where to start, we are here to help

Here is a list of 5 ways I have found useful, for you to generate your own leads and their benefits.

  1. Direct Advertising

Direct advertising has obvious advantages, due to the constant use of email. A captive audience is a great way to gain leads. People are already on the internet and your ad is now in front of them, and when placed correctly it is where their eye wanders without them even knowing it. When you direct advertise using email banners and ads you are giving them a call to action, “click me, click me.” You are telling them they need insurance, here is where they can get insurance and/or more information. Once they click on the ad they have already started the process. Provide a form to fill out and your lead is established.  

  1. Television

While print advertising is becoming a way of the past, television is still as strong as ever. The Nielsen survey found 90% of people watch their favorite programs every week, and 80% of what a person sees they retain, as opposed to 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they see. Present this captive audience with a memorable phone number, show them a friendly agent, and provide a regular/real life insurance scenario, even a catchy jingle. Do this a few times a week and they will remember you when the time comes for their insurance needs.

  1. Networking Groups

Let’s face it, you know people. And these people know people and everyone needs insurance. However, finding the right agency can be scary, daunting and overwhelming. What makes this less daunting, is recommendations from people we know and trust. The Nielsen report found the most credible form of advertising comes straight from people we know. 83% of people will trust friends and family over their own research and findings. People are also 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. 

Remember when I said you know people? Use these people and build or gain access to a network of related professionals. Professional groups participate in local events, business activities or even just meet once a month for a lunch to exchange ideas. These groups will only expand your reach. Why not use the people you know to spread the word, if they like you they will recommend you to others.

  1. Incentives

While on the topic of networking, think of how much more apt someone is to recommend you to their friends’ when there are incentives. No one likes doing anything for free. According to a Software Advice online poll, 39% of responders said monetary or material incentives, such as discounts and swag increased their chances of referral and 50% of those polled will refer others when offered a direct incentive, social recognition or exclusive loyalty program. This graph from Social Annex, breaks down how people feel about incentives a little bit more.


I should not, it's important to decide to whom, how often and what type of incentives you are going to use. Present them up front and always check with your state regulations first.

 5. Events

Finally let’s talk about events. I once ran a 5k race sponsored by an insurance company. I ended up getting interviewed and featured on their blog. The race was fun, the notoriety was better, I did end up eventually switching to said insurance company when my old plan ended. I also shared my experience and picture with my insurance swag on my social channels. Would I have changed to this company without the race, maybe, but the race certainly made it stick with me and tell my friends (look this is networking, and now we have come full circle).

According to a private global consulting firm, Reputation Institute, people’s willingness to use/trust a company is driven 60% by its reputation and their perception of the company and only 40% by the product. 

I’m not saying you need to go as big as a race, but there are many events you can do where it gets you out in the community with the people. Local sponsorships or charities are a great way to start. People love when they see a company helping the community in a positive way, it humanizes the company. You can do something as simples as set up a food drive or help build a community garden or clean up a park.

Q and A sessions or free seminars are another easy way to increase leads with events. Let’s face it, most people don’t know a lot about insurance, but as I said, we all know we need it. By hosting a free seminar, people gain an understanding of what they need and because you hosted it, they see you as a trusted source who they will want to use. 

As you can imagine, this list could go on and on, but these are the top 5 we have found most useful and easiest. For a more compressive list check out Insurance Lead Guide. Leave in the comments some of your best practices. 


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