Beat The Summer Time Sales Slump: 4 Questions That Start a Conversation

Posted by Will Erdmann on Jun 28, 2018 10:17:15 AM

Summer is traditionally a difficult time to generate new sales.  Kids are out of school, summer trips to your favorite destination, or even just potential clients on vacation, or playing catch-up from when they were on vacation.

But this time period is too significant to coast with your sales efforts.  How can agents create meetings, presentations and proposals and bind business during the summer? Relevance. If a prospective client does not see a relevant, time-sensitive reason to meet with you, expect them to put it off until fall.

Summer is the best time to ask a probing question or two! Here are our top 4 questions to ask this summer to break your sales slump!


A personal lines client who may plan on driving to a vacation home several hours away provides an opportunity to highlight some relevant considerations, such as:

“That sounds like a well-deserved vacation, but have you considered the potential financial impact on you and your family if an uninsured or under-insured motorist hits your car?”

This opens the opportunity to explain how a meaningful percentage of drivers are in this situation and to look at your client's current auto policy to make sure they have adequate protection!


You could also ask whether the vacation home has a pool, boat, doc, or other leisure items that kids will use.  Making sure the potential client has an umbrella policy is important in safeguarding their financial stability.  Additionally, you could find other items that need insuring which brings us to our third ask....


You could ask if one of the kids has a drone they'll bring on vacation and if your client is protected in the event of an accident.  Showing that you are thinking of not only your client but their loved ones not only validates you as a trusted adviser, but also on the side of your client and their best interests.


Don't forget to ask about any recent high school or college grads and the unique insurance needs they may require as they transition into the next stage of their lives!  This is a great way to grow your network of clients as many times family members are quick to give referrals!

Relieving your clients’ stress isn’t just about saving money, and it shouldn’t involve any technical insurance jargon. Instead, the most successful agents instill a sense of confidence in their clients that their personal and business life has adequately protection, removing one more concern they have to worry about during vacation.

The key to landing new clients is listening to what's going on in their lives and pointing out some of the ways insurance can give them peace of mind while they're out of the office.  Get o there this summer and make sure that your agency is sizzling with new business!


Tell us what you think?  What tips do you share with your team to break the summer slump?  If you're looking to get your phone ringing more, let us know as we love to help bring new consumers to your phone lines!

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