7 Tips on Holiday Travel Safety

HollyNow is about the time of year where millions of Americans are travelling to see loved ones over the holidays.  Whether a few miles away or a few hundred miles away, here are some tips to keep you safe while you travel this holiday season.

1. Buy travel insurance: Nobody wants to cancel a holiday trip, but it does happen. Travel insurance is a great option, especially if you are planning to travel cross-country. Depending on which policy you get, travel insurance can reimburse you if you have to cancel your trip for a wide variety of reasons, from an unexpected illness to bad weather, to passport problems. It can also cover not-so-common circumstances like terrorism, plane crashes and emergency evacuation. When taking to the skies this holiday season, you'll be thankful you spent a little bit extra for that piece of mind.

2. Plan ahead: Inclimate weather, accidents, delays and other unforeseen circumstances can make holiday travel even more stressful than usual, especially when you're rushing to get to the airport for a flight, a party or an important family engagement, or to see friends for a holiday feast. Create a travel schedule that includes delays and allows some flexibility for traveling with children or in winter weather.  It's better go get there an hour late and safe, and your family and friends will be excited to see you regardless.

3. Check your current policies: Many people take off around the holidays, and while it might surprise you, some re-evaluate their insurance needs with this extra time.  Make sure you have up-to-date insurance cards on you or your vehicle and brush up on your current policy to find out your coverage, how it works when you're not close to home, and review any questions with your agent. Make a list of in-network providers in case you get sick while traveling. 

4. Let them know you're coming: Share your itinerary with somebody at home as well as at your destination. If you don't arrive on time, or if someone is at your house before you're supposed to be home, friends and family will know to follow up.  It never hurts to keep the people you care about in the loop, not only to help if needed but also for the peace of mind it provides everyone.

5. Stay safe on the road: If you're traveling by car, get a full tune up before you go: check the tires, brakes, oil and other fluids; windshield wipers, air filters, etc. When you're getting ready to go, don't pack the car too full. Make sure all mirrors and windows and visible to the driver. And don't forget to pack a basic emergency kit, including blankets, food and water, and don't forget to check your spare!

6. Plan for school absences: If you're leaving before school officially gets out for winter break, make contact with your child's teachers to find out what they'll be missing and how they can stay on track while they are gone.  If you're planning a road-trip, that's a great time for kids to get some homework and studying done.

7. Plan for your pets: Regardless if you're taking them along or leaving them with a friend or shelter, be sure to consider your pets in your travel plans. Write down emergency numbers, refill any prescriptions, and make arrangements for your fur babies to be well taken care of while you're away.

Whether you're staying in town or travelling away, these 7 tips should help put your mind at ease so you can enjoy some holiday warmth with loved ones.

From all of us here at Avenge Digital, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season, and to an exciting 2019! 


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