Why every insurance customer needs a positive experience for your business to grow

I have been posting a lot about renewals, how to increase your renewal rate and what you can do to keep customers renewing. However, I have yet to discuss the simplest part of renewals; customer experience improvement.

Customer experience should be one of the most important aspects of your insurance agency. I’m not just talking about new consumer calling customers, but also existing customers, customers who have been with your agency, 6-months, a year, 10-years, they all need to be given and continue to be given the best customer experience you can give, but this can be difficult. According to Agencynation.com, due to insurance contracts being intangible, obscure and obtuse, it is extremely difficult to build a positive customer experience around the insurance contract. True, insurance is not like a restaurant experience or a boutique. Instead insurance relationships and customer experiences are based on contracts and promises, especially as we become more dependent on technology.

The use of technologyto increase insurance customer experience is not a bad thing. We know the insurance industry is lagging with the use of technology and catching up will help with overall customer service. Gone are the older generations who believe relationships need to be handled face-to-face. Now the current insurance customer appreciates speed, ease, marketing and communication on a more technical level. This can be achieved through, monthly or quarterly email newsletters, digital surveys, social media and renewal reminders.

What you as an insurance agent needs to keep in mind is it doesn’t matter how “you like” to do business and communicate. What matters is the customer and how the “customer likes” business done and how they like to communicate. A lesson from Agengcynation.com is, always think customer first. Always! How you want to do business doesn’t matter anymore.


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